"UNITY" UTSav --- bonding CULtures-(tourist activity in Bangalore)

CULTURAL EVENTS 4 Tourists: CUlTRUal ReTREAT in Bangalore!!

For Tourists visiting Bangalore..


We organize and run  cultural programs for the tourists coming to Bangalore.  These are the tourist activities for tourists visiting Bangalore. Usually these cultural events happen only during the festivals, that we celebrate. These are the ancient traditional art forms of Karnataka dating back to 11thCentury A.D. They are the combination of dance, music, dialogue, costume, make-up and stage techniques with a unique style and form. Many of these forms is found in most parts of Karnataka. The stories are drawn from Ramayana, Mahabharate, Bhagavata and other epics from both Hindu and Jain and other ancient Indic traditions.

We are more  happy to promote the remote artists, art, dance and culture, with the intention that it reaches the people of all parts of the world. We are organizing this cultural program for the tourists who are visiting Bangalore, even during non-festive season. 

The artists with us are from remote part of Karnataka and they are traditional people who perform during the pooja at the temples.

Different parts of Karnataka have nurtured different forms. Many of these parts are remote. We have engaged with the authentic artists from those remote parts and are providing a platform for them to live demonstrate their talent before the tourists.

We also organize and run customised events exclusively for the tourists groups coming to Bangalore from different parts of the world.(U.S.,U.K.,different parts of Asia,different parts of India,etc.)

Uniting and bonding, 'people and cultures' through art,cultural performances and its beauty.... tourist attraction in Bangalore

architecture of temples of karnataka

The temple art plays a vital role in studying the development of Indian art forms. Ancient temples have dancing deities or damsels of heaven, the Apsaras, carved on them,observing which the young aspirants of Indian classical art forms draw inspiration. Such inspired and interested innocent minds need vivid description about architecture to instill and ignite sense of beauty, hence, the art. In the history of art, the age of Guptas is considered as the Golden age. Yakshagana dates back to 11th c

Lakshminarayana temple at Hosaholalu